Buy an ebook, help a family, and generate some good karma.

(This was just posted by me on Facebook. A quick summary of what this is referring to: Last month, a family’s home im McAdoo caught fire while the father figure, who runs a local internet radio station devoted to the region’s independent music scene, was away on a gig. His youngest daughter perished as a result of the fire, definitely the biggest loss in an incident where the family lost everything.
Last Saturday there was a benefit concert to raise money for the family. At least $3000 (perhaps even $3500-$4000) was stolen by some scumfuck at the end of the night. I was shocked and sicked when the news broke early Sunday morning. Some friends of mine that I had been in a country-rock band with played their second show ever at the benefit and they were beyond disgusted by this incident, too.
I wanted to do something but wasn’t completely sure what or how until tonight. That’s when I posted the letter below on Facebook. The rest of the story unfolds below:)

In the wake of Jerry Fisher Jr and the Hazleton Our Town Radio family having their benefit money in their late daughter’s name stolen by some scumbag the other night, I have decided to help in my own way.

As many of you may or may not know, last year I released my first novel, “Resonant Blue”, on my own book label, TGML Press. The easiest and cheapest way to get it is as an e-book via the usual suspects (Kindle, iBookstore, Nook, and Smashwords). The book in this form is only $2.99. All you have to do to find it is search for either the book title or my name.

Between now and August 1st, I will donate $1 from every sale of the ebook from any of the above stores. I’ll know of sales from Smashwords almost immediately. Getting reports of sales from the big three ebook retailers takes a while longer, so if you forward a copy of the email receipt to me at, I’ll add that sale to the tally. I don’t expect to make up for the three grand lost to some greedy prick’s heartless anti-gesture, but it is something I can easily and happily do to help.

Feel free to share this with all of your friends. Do it for good karma. Do it to give the finger to the assclown who stole the money. Do it in the honor of a little girl who lost her life way too soon. But just do it!

CJ Marsicano

First big press for Resonant Blue!

I was interviewed for this article back in October; the article itself was published in the Hazleton Standard-Speaker today. Below is the article itself in case the link expires.

Author draws on love of Japanese culture
Published: December 2, 2012

A Hazleton man’s first novel tells the story of a Japanese teenager and her experiences in and out of the music scene.

To write “Resonant Blue,” C.J. Marsicano drew on his love of Japanese music and culture.

“The book takes place mostly in 1983-84, and is written from the viewpoint of a 16-year-old Japanese girl named Reina Kawamura,” Marsicano said, summarizing the novel. “Reina is the middle child of a well-adjusted family. A few years earlier, Reina and her family spent some time in San Francisco where she quickly became enamored of the punk rock scene there to the point where she learned how to play guitar from her older brother, who passed one of his own guitars down to her.”

When she auditions for a teenage cover band and one of the other members tells her she is “too young, too punk, and too female to be in a real rock and roll band,” Reina decides to form her own band with three friends, he said. The book details the friends’ experiences and touches on Reina’s backstory in California.

Marsicano, an area musician, music blogger and online radio host, said fragments of the story came from a novel he began writing a few years ago. He pulled the best pieces – including the character of Reina – shelved the rest and began writing again.

“Another huge inspiration for the book was the popular music of Japan itself, both of today and of the period when the book takes place,” he said.

“The book’s title is borrowed from a song of the same name by the veteran J-pop girl group Morning Musume, and the idea of Japanese teenage girls picking up instruments and forming rock bands is not an unusual occurrence there, as the existence and growing popularity of bands like Shonen Knife, Whiteberry, Zone, and SCANDAL – amongst many others – proves.”

He wrote the first draft of the book in a month, and after finishing a second draft, Marsicano turned to the Internet. He launched a crowdfunding campaign, and received enough support to cover the cost of printing 50 hardcover copies, pay an artist to design the cover, and hire a professional to format the digital edition of the book.

Marsicano also started his own book label, TGML Press, to handle the book’s release.

“TGML Press exists to release music-inspired fiction and music-related non-fiction. I am cognizant of the fact that technology has changed the way most people consume books. Technology has also made it unnecessary to deal with printers who might not want to print less than a thousand books, only to have 900 of them sit and rot in a garage or storage shed somewhere. Anybody who wants a hard copy can get one, otherwise any title we release won’t be any farther than their favorite e-reader,” he said.

“Resonant Blue” is available at Portanova’s Music and Chaskin Jewelers, both in Hazleton. To purchase the book online, visit www. or tgml

To read more of Marsicano’s writings, visit his music blog, The Groove Music Life, at www.thegrovemusiclife .com. His radio show, “Groove Music Life Radio,”, airs on ROK Out Radio from Scranton at 9 p.m. Fridays.

He plays guitar in ByPolar, recorded an album of electronic dance music in 2002, and performed with area bands like Fallacy, Bigg Trouble and Foxfire.

Last of the shipping updates and a curious third-party price increase

OK, as of the other day the last of the mailed Kickstarter rewards (the book/T-shirt/CD packages) are out and have either arrived on people’s doorsteps or, in the case of overseas supporters, are on their way there. On to other things:

As you might now, Resonant Blue has been turning up in the places I’m expecting it to turn up (check TGML Press’s post on the book for updated links to where to get it if you want to turn friends on to the book). One of those places is, of course, Amazon, which has both the Kindle edition and the hardcover edition.

Curiously, a few third-party sellers have, at least according to their tings, copies of the book for sale through Amazon. Nothing wrong with that in general. As of this writing, six third party sellers are offering the book, which is somewhat odd given that I’m a new author with a first book on a small independent label.

Here’s the kicker… some of the book sellers are tacking on a couple of bucks onto the list price of the book (before shipping costs) which is their right. One of them, a Canadian firm, is offering a copy of Resonant Blue for the simple price of… wait for it… $888. No, that’s not in Canadian dollars.

Now, keep in mind, this is the same, non-signed, non-hand-numbered copy of the book that you could order direct from, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble for a more reasonable price… Barnes & Noble is selling new copies for cheaper than anyone else online, to tell the truth, and anyone that wants one of the remaining signed/numbered copies from the original 50-copy Kickstarter-funded pressing can get one directly from me for $25 postpaid US (and I personalize these copies and throw in a Resonant Blue guitar pick as well!). Why would this Canadian firm use a US Military tactic and price the book so goddamned sky high? I did write them a few minutes ago before I wrote this blog post, but I’m not expecting an answer… but if I do get one, I will post appropriately. Has any other independent book publisher or self-published author had this happen with their releases?

The future…

Good morning!

Now that summer is upon us and the rest of the books and premiums are being shipped out to supporters this week, I can safely announce what my next projects will be.

The first one is pretty much close to completion. In 2007 I received my first writing credit when a small, sadly now-inactive Imprint called Jaded Silence Press published my short story “The Man in the Hummer”, a sort of surreal horror story, which, as you might probably ascertain after reading it, is heavily influenced by both Stephen King and Haruki Murakami – both of whom I was reading heavily like any good writer of any genre should. Since the rights to the story immediately reverted back to me upon publication and the company that put it out is pretty much a memory, I decided to touch up the story a little, throw in a bit of supplemental material, and put it out as a Kindle Single. Yep, this release is going to be digital only for the foreseeable future. The difficult part is going to be formatting it for the Kindle, but that should be finished within a couple of weeks.

The next two books are going to be TGML Press’s first non-fiction musical analysis titles, both overviewing and dissecting a single artist’s oeuvre (or part thereof). They’re both in work now, and at least one of them should be completed by August. These books will be released as both digital releases and trade paperbacks. Pre-order info will be posted here and at the TGML Press site when the time is right.

Also, the Music Of Resonant Blue page is posted on this site (finally), and I’ll be expanding upon it with sound clips and other links over the next several days.

Take care of yourselves and each other,

Shipping/Merch Updates

The first batch of books (those going to people who pledged at the $30 level) were mailed yesterday afternoon.

Download links for all pledgers have been sent as of Sunday nights.

The shirts for $50 and up pledgers are in production and upon their arrival, will be boxed and shipped along with the books themselves to those particular pledgers.

All physical pledge participants are getting Resonant Blue guitar picks (one apiece) along with their books and other merch.

Later on I should have a list of everywhere that you can obtain a physical or digital copy of the book.

The books have arrived!

The box of the entire first pressing (fifty hardcover copies) of Resonant Blue have arrived as of ten or fifteen minutes ago… There’s a delay on the shirts so those might go out separate. At any rate, books, ebooks, and most other merch will be delivered by the end of the week.

All of this would not have been possible without you, the backers. Thank you. This is only the beginning. And this isn’t the last update from this Kickstarter project either…

For those of you that didn’t pledge towards a book but still want one…

…it’s perfectly okay.

As of today, the e-book edition has been approved by our distributor to most ebook channels. Resonant Blue should be available at most outlets as an ebook within two weeks… we will let you know exactly when it goes up and provide linkage to the book your favorite ebook provider.

With the full fifty-copy first limited hardcover printing currently being fulfilled by our printer, I am happy to note that there will still be copies of the signed version of the hardcover left after pledge participants have gotten theirs.

I will let everyone know when those copies will be made available. Sometime down the line there will also be a trade paperback edition of the book once the hardcover edition has run its course.

Stay tuned…

Rounding third and heading for home…

It’s almost a wrap. The home stretch is upon us.

This afternoon, I finalized the dust jacket, and sent off that and the manuscript to the printer. Within two weeks, I shall be risking back injury carrying a box or two of hardcover books to my car from where I work (the books are going to be shipped to where my day job currently is) then again carrying said box or boxes from car to house, then risking writers cramp as well from individually signing fifty books and writing everyone’s addresses on the packages.

eBooks will be sent out the day I get the books in. I have to order the t-shirts this Monday; those that pledged for the packages with the T-shirts will get both book and t-shirt in one single package. The mix CD soundtrack will be finished this weekend as well.

Thank you everyone for your support and your patience!

– CJ

P.S. Can I get a “Fuck cancer!” for Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys? Adam was a hell of a rapper, a damn good bassist, a devout Buddhist, and an inspiration to all. Their first four albums are pretty much engraved on my DNA.